The Silent Party wave is one that has been sweeping the hottest cities in the U.S. – from Chicago, to Atlanta, to Los Angeles and back. After a successful 2016 bringing the trendy, unique party wave to Reggie’s Live Chicago, we are teaming up with Urban Fetes and Millennium Age are bringing the party BACK to Reggie’s to kick off the new year. Join us Friday, January 20th, at the one and only Reggie’s Live in Chicago, as we pick up a pair of headphones, get out of the cold and heat up with Chicago’s hottest music.

The party-goer is in total control of their musical and social environment. Every attendee gets their own pair of headphones to tune in to whichever genre of music they prefer, with live DJs spinning each channel. It’s a unique experience to be part of a huge party that makes virtually no noise, except on social media afterward. January’s Silent Party is sure to feature special guests, popular DJs, suprises and more.


The Silent Parties have attracted in the likes of KatieGotBandz, Kat from VH1’s Black Ink Crew Chicago, Nikko London of Love & Hip Hop, and Code Black Entertainment. Code Black Entertainment has provided live streams of the Silent Parties that have garnered over 300,000 streams!

The Silent Party 2017 trend is sure to attract the masses — don’t miss out, RSVP now!



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