Chicago native G Dot Markee pays tribute to fallen sister with the release of his mixtape “In the Name of Gabby”. While riding the obstacle of rap life vs. trap life, Markee was faced with some of his ultimate challenges. He chose to put those growing pains coupled with the loss of his sister in his music. This mixtape parallels the life of a hustler with the real-life consequences and experiences of someone just trying to improve their situation. Songs like “Sponsored by Priscilla”, “My G” and “Deposit” depict the spirit and vibe of the entire project. Hard hitting beats, R&B ad libs and some heavy use of autotune are the heart and soul on each and every track; mixing G Dot Markee happy come up with the internal emotions of losing a loved one.

Check out the new mixtape from G Dot Markee “In the Name of Gabby” below.


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